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Our mission is simple; we aim to bring quality, live music and entertainment to the men and women of our Armed Forces to show our support for their efforts in securing and maintaining our freedoms.  We achieve this through events that promote positive relationships between the music, entertainment and sports industries and the military by connecting bases with their favorite artists, entertainers and athletes. 

As a partner of Freedom To Rock, you can engage an untapped military marketplace. Military installations are unable to solicit promotional partners; but as a respected entity, Freedom To Rock is able to bring in partners as trusted marketers providing unbridled Sampling, Marketing and Promotional access and opportunities which unaffiliated partners do not receive.  Below, we give examples of some of the assets and opportunities our partners would receive with the ability to customize based on unique brand needs and initiatives.

Freedom To Rock is a music, entertainment and sports event produced exclusively for members of the US military, their families and civilian contractors.  We deliver quality and engaging entertainment through top musical, entertainment and sports acts.  Freedom To Rock was started to show our appreciation for the efforts and dedication to America that our service members provide.  As civilians, we owe so much to our Armed Forces and without them, we would not have the: Freedom To Dream, Freedom To Live, Freedom To Rock! Contact us to learn more on becoming an invested partner!

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The vision of Freedom To Rock is to create a full music and entertainment experience with events that engage, entertain and give back to our troops both here in the United States and abroad.