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FREEDOM TO ROCK a non-profit organization, aims to bring in quality music (billboard bands | new upcoming band), and live entertainment. We bring in socialization, excitement, music the young military is asking to have entertain them, and to boost the morale of every Armed Forces man and woman to show our support for our freedom and quality of life that we have the privilege to experience the FREEDOM TO ROCK. 

Behind our shows we bring information of other non-profits in booths with alternative therapies (music, art), life coaching, business start-ups, retreats, and steps our troops can transition back successfully into the civilian life with a brand new outlook to our troops. We hope the troops finds that special booth to fit their personalities. We are set to make a difference ONE person at a time. We do this for our troops who have given us the FREEDOM TO LIVE in peace.

Our entertainment events promote productive relationships, music memory, connecting the entertainment artists to our troops in an intimate and personalized environment, and, most importantly, for the cause.

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